I’ve been getting a lot of requests to talk about the car I won Bullrun Season 2 on Speed TV in.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with me or the show, I participated and won the reality TV Show Bullrun on Speed TV for Season 2.

In the show, my friend Spiro and I piloted a very rare 725HP 2007 Shelby GT 500 Super Snake.  What makes this particular car so rare is due, in part, to its limited production.  For each model year Shelby only produced 1000 Super Snakes and out of that number only hardtops were fitted with 725HP engine modification.  The convertibles had to settle for 600HP engine mod’s due to the increase in torque the body sustains.  About 500 or so could have gotten the 725HP option but not everyone did as this option voided the manufacturer’s warranty and obviously cost more money.  If you add colors and options into the mix there aren’t many 725HP White/Black GT500 Super Snakes out there.

With that being said, the Super Snake is hands down the meanest, fastest car I have ever driven and will ever want to drive.  It is uncontrollably fast and literally makes you feel invincible when driving in it.  There are very few cars you will run into, either on the track or on the street, that are faster than the 725HP Super Snake.  The Super Snake looks mean and intimidating and can back it all up! Everybody on the road wanted to race just to see the car in action.  It got so bad, my wife refused to ride in the car with me anymore.

It’s difficult for me to say if the $38K upgrade was worth it.  I personally did the upgrade because I have always been a big fan of the 1967 GT500 and thought it was my chance to invest in a collectible early on.  Unfortunately, with the economy the way it is, the value of this car diminished and it certainly didn’t help to be getting 3 mpg either.  You read right; I was getting 3 mpg when I got on the gas! I’m kind of proud of that in a weird sick way, not many of you can say you’ve gotten 3 mpg’s in your car, right?

Here is our Bullrun Casting Video that Spiro and I filmed to get on the show:

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This past Sunday I had the distinct pleasure of viewing one of the best documentary’s I have seen in a while.  The film was simply titled “Senna” which documented the life of Formula 1racing phenom Ayrton Senna.  I don’t think there is anyone in the car world that hasn’t heard the name Senna, but for those who haven’t, it really didn’t matter.  I actually brought my wife, who doesn’t know much about racing, and she walked out of theater in tears adoring Ayrton like the rest of us.  Don’t get me wrong, it certainly didn’t hurt to watch footage from the onboard camera as Ayrton flies through the streets of Monaco on the big screen either.

Although there was some amazing footage of Formula 1 racing and excellent documentation of the Senna/Prost wars, the film was so much more inspiring than that.  Ayrton was such a sincerely loving individual in which the film did an amazing job of showing.  I really felt as if I knew Ayrton as a friend after leaving the theater.  To many, Ayrton was a modern day hero, an underdog that everyone rooted for, because he fought every day for God and his country against impenetrable odds.  He did so because he couldn’t stop as he was quoted saying in the film.  He was a true and whole person  and an amazing competitor in every sense of the word.  He is very much missed.

The Director of the film, Asif Kapadia, was brilliant enough to get what the goal of the film was about and worked diligently with Ayrton’s family and film team to produce this wonderful tribute of a great man.  Asif was kind enough to hang around after the film for some Q & A which I was able to record and put at end of this post.  I was also fortunate to snag a picture with Asif.  If you haven’t done so already, please show your support, go out and see Senna or buy the DVD you will be very happy you did.

Watch Asif talk about making the film after the debut: