My Name is Michael Lahalih and I am a huge car nut.  I have been this way for as long as I can remember.  I have done it all; I used to be a mechanic for vintage race cars, I have built custom cars and taken them to SEMA, I have raced at Skip Barber and most notably I achieved one of my life long dreams of winning an outlaw road rally.  Yes that’s right; I am the season 2 winner of Speed TV’s Show Bullrun aka Team Shelby.

I started this site because I have an opinion on just about every car out there and there are a lot.  My wife got sick of listening to me talk about cars so now you have the distinct pleasure.  I like to talk about anything from new cars to old and everything in between.  I possess a vast amount of car knowledge that could only be useful in this environment.  I am very active in the car world and want to talk about with all of you!

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